11 Underrated Skin-Care Brands You Should Know About Now

Skin care is a constantly evolving, innovation-driven industry. And as the OG, established companies try to figure out how on Earth to get millennials to invest in their fanciest face creams, there’s a whole crop of brands out there that are, quite frankly, killing it. These savvy brands rely on legit, research-based formulas, innovative ingredients and — shocker — social media-focused marketing tactics. 

With their minimalist packaging and Insta-bait sensibilities, these are the brands I constantly hear beauty editors raving about — but what about the rest of the world? Sometimes feel like I should make a PSA urging everyone to forget about the acne-fighting face lotion they’ve been using since ninth grade and explore everything else the category has to offer. There’s a whole world of skin-care possibilities out there! So consider this a wake-up call, direct from me to you. You don’t want to sleep on these brands anymore. Read on to get acquainted with 11 of our favorites on the market right now.

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