Lululemon Will Target Millennials With Its First-Ever Global Ad Campaign

Lululemon needs more customers in order to become the $4 billion business it plans to by 2020, and opening more stores and launching more innovative leggings isn’t going to be enough to get them. So, on Wednesday afternoon, after reporting strong (but not meteoric) fourth-quarter and fiscal 2016 earnings results, the company’s executives announced a few plans to ramp up that customer acquisition. The biggest news? For the first time, the brand will launch a full-fledged global ad campaign, and while they wouldn’t reveal too many details, it sounds significant.

CEO Laurent Potdevin said during the earnings conference call that while the company had found success with its “grassroots” approach (including building a vast network of influencers) to marketing, it hadn’t yet found a strong way of “amplifying” its own voice and communicating to the world what Lululemon stands for as a brand. “As we grow as a global brand, it’s becoming extremely important,” he said. The company has partnered with an unnamed creative agency that’s “one of the world leaders in editing and building content for Millennials.” Yes, like everyone, it’s going after those Millennials. Whether an Instagirl or celebrity offspring is involved, we will have to wait until mid-May, when it drops, to find out. The distribution is also unknown, but Potdevin said it will be in line with the way in which Millennials typically absorb content.

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