Drone dangers probed as MPs assess risks of new flying vehicles

As well as drones being faster at carrying out surveys than traditional human methods, PwC called the data they provide “an indisputable source of digital data, that’s accurate to centimetres, rather than much larger ‘deviations’ humans give”.

Other uses for drone technology named in the report include delivery of parcels – as Amazon is pioneering in Cambridgeshire – along with agriculture, where the vehicles are used to spray crops accurately, only targeting the areas which need treatment. In the future they could also be used for construction, according to PwC analysts.

However, there are concerns about the growing numbers of drones posing safety risks, with high-profile reports of aircraft and helicopters coming close to colliding with UAVs. There are also worries about the harm a drone could do if it were to suffer a fault that caused it to crash to the earth. The potential for drones to compromise privacy have proved to be an issue. 

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