Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry join together to ‘shatter the stigma’ of mental illness

The trio have each spent months emphasising the importance of speaking about mental health, with the Duchess last week talking frankly about the lack of confidence she suffered after becoming a new mother.

Prince Harry, who underwent a training course to help people suffering mental health crises when he worked in the Army’s personal recovery unit, has campaigned for those in the armed forces to stop feeling ashamed about admitting they have a problem.

And the Duke of Cambridge has taken courses on mental health issues as part of his work as an air ambulance pilot. The video series, which will be launched on Facebook, Twitter and Google and followed by new films each week, has been made by directors including Stephen Frears, the man behind The Queen, Philomena and Dangerous Liaisons. Ruby Wax will talk to her husband, director Ed Bye, about the moment she revealed she was “mentally ill” moments before they tied the knot in a registry office, while Alastair Campbell discusses his nervous breakdown and depression with wife Fiona.

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