Nicola Sturgeon ‘out of touch’ with Scots over Brexit as poll shows support for Theresa May vision

The proportion of Scots who wanted EU immigrants to face the same restrictions as those from elsewhere in the world (64 per cent) was only slightly lower than the UK-wide figure of 68 per cent.

While Remain voters in Scotland were much less likely than Leave supporters (82 per cent) to back immigration control, more than half (53 per cent) were still in favour of ending freedom of movement.

Scots were slightly more likely (61 per cent) willing than their British counterparts (54 per cent) to forego immigration control in order to get a free trade deal in the Brexit talks.

But it found only 34 per cent of Scots want more relaxed EU trade rules than England and Wales, and a mere 25 per cent said they wanted a more liberal immigration policy than south of the Border.

At least three in five of those who voted for independence are opposed to the maintenance of freedom of movement, while they are no more likely than those who voted No to back free trade.

Contrary to the SNP’s claims the EU referendum result justifies another independence vote, the study found clear evidence that Scots’ views on one issue do not “necessarily correspond in any way” to their opinion on the other.

The study concluded: “Those who voted Yes in 2014 are on balance barely any keener on having a closer relationship with the EU than are those who voted No. What both Yes and No voters want from Brexit is much the same as what voters elsewhere in Britain want.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The poll demonstrates people in Scotland continue to value the protections and rights offered by the EU, particularly on key issues such as free trade and freedom of movement. 

“It also highlights greater support in Scotland across many important issues to maintain the benefits of EU membership, compared to the UK as a whole.”

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