Theresa May should attach ‘sunset clauses’ to EU red tape written into UK law to force Government civil servants to review

According to a House of Commons report, ministers will have to import up to 19,000 EU rules and regulations as part of the Great Repeal Bill, which will take the shape of a white paper published today.

EU regulations are estimated to cost Britain a total of more than £120billion per year. 

The Common Agricultural Policy alone reportedly costs £10billion in direct costs and by inflating food prices.

It came as an analysis by Thomson Reuters found that more than 50,000 laws and regulations have been introduced in the UK as the result of EU red tape since 1990, including those which are no longer in force. 

It said that EU regulations and directives have had a direct influence on swathes of British law including trade, agriculture, financial services and the environment. Since 2010 alone, 6,718 new EU laws have been introduced to the UK.

Business leaders and doctors have called for the end of the working time directive, which imposes such strict conditions on shift patterns that workforces cannot be as flexible as they need to be, and surgeons say it prevents them getting vital training. 

Builders have been frustrated by rules on preserving newts, which are classed as “endangered” in Europe even though they are relatively common in the UK. 

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