Destiny 2 Officially Confirmed By Bungie

Video game developers Bungie has officially confirmed that Destiny 2 is indeed happening.

The studio tweeted what may well be the logo for the hotly anticipated sequel when it launches presumably some time later this year.

First released in 2014, the first Destiny managed to defy an initially lukewarm reception from critics by being a game that featured some impressive gunplay and a calibre of multiplayer that gamers had come to expect from the makers of Halo.

Its focus on the collection of loot (in the form of better weapons and gear), combined with a masterclass in community building meant however that Destiny quickly became a fan favourite.

This combined with four major expansions that did much to right the complaints of the original have put Bungie in a strong position for the next game.

Bungie have managed keep a close lid on any information leaking about the sequel to the $500m game, however the expectation is that there will be an increased focus on community spaces and backstory.

The studio recently announced Age of Triumph, a final expansion that would reward players for their commitment to the game so far. In other words, a final reason to keep players online before the sequel arrives.

There’s no word on release date however a leaked poster for the game suggests that it could be available as soon as September.

With the E3 video games conference just around the corner the expectation is that Activision will, at the very least, offer some form of trailer during the show in June.

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